Company Overview

Incorporated in 1988, Private Eye Private Limited has grown to be a leading security services provider in South India. With head quarters in Bangalore, we have full-fledged branches in Mysore, Mangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, Secunderabad and Mumbai. We also have a satellite branches in Puducherry and Sriperambudur.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

On Experience

Our experience in specialized vertical markets gives us deep insights to the ways we can meet customer needs and align with the needs of individual teams, departments and client locations. Our key differential is in the quality and caliber of the people we bring to our work teams – in terms of the right background, industry exposure and skill sets. It’s a competitive edge that we bring to each service vertical in our client portfolio.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

On Client Engagement

Since the delivery of service happens at client locations, we need to have a system, process and interface logic to make sure things work according to design and plan – 24/7 extended to 365. And that’s something we have evolved and fine tuned over the years to know the pulse of our operations at every client location.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

On Reliability

Reliability according to us is perhaps the biggest qualifier for a security agency – and should reflect in every security transaction that happens in a working day, or shift. Reliability is the key differential between a security agency that stays on course, and the ones that get left behind.

At Private Eye we take reliability very seriously – it’s a factor that is translated into every aspect of the security function, and across different layers of security presence and day-to-day throughput in terms of activities. And that is what we bring to the table.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

Quality Policy

Private Eye Private Limited dedicates its people, resources and investments towards providing a high degree of customer support and service – validated by stringent quality processes that are calibrated at regular intervals. Our quality policy also dictates that we comply with the entire spectrum of requirements under ISO 9001 and continually strive towards maintaining and improving the prescribed set of deliverables to our clients.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

Quality Benchmarking

  • To hire, train and place the best people for the right jobs, at the right levels

  • To deploy manpower based on client briefing and specifications
  • To ensure a consistency in team efficiencies and quality of security response
  • To oversee, regulate and study team performance at client locations for higher efficiency
  • To ensure an “open access” communication line with clients for consultancy and support

Vision Statement

To be role models and industry leaders in the security industry – with high standards in terms of professionalism, ethics, dedication and commitment.

Mission Statement

To achieve our mission statement with the right investments in people, resources, systems and processes – ultimately meeting the needs of our clients under stated objectives.

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Our Executive Management Team


Profile Overview

Mr Poduvath Ravindranath has been in the vertical of security and investigation for four decades and more. His entire working life has revolved around it in some way or the other. As he moved up the ladder and changed jobs in this space, he was exposed to security aspects from different viewpoints. Security at an operational level is different from security at a planning or policy making level. Security within a public sector company in India is different from security at a private sector company. Security from an employee viewpoint is different from that of management and staffing considerations.

From his considered view, for a truly well-rounded professional it is important (and vital) to be familiar and conversant with these groups and sub-groups. And that is where his strength lies, and what truly helps him run a very successful security service company in Bangalore, India. His deep understanding also helps him identify with the concerns and needs of both employees and clients – in an industry where people are your most important resource.

According to him, the right people for the job don’t walk in through the door – they have to be oriented, trained, up-skilled, and sensitized to the needs of modern day work environments. And that is what Private Eye is all about.

Mr Poduvath Ravindranath invites you to network with him on Linkedin & Twitter.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provides strategic vision and executive leadership for all business processes and operations at Private Eye. Advocates and promotes constant renewal and organic growth – in line with our mission, vision and core values.
  • Keeps an eye on the future for change opportunities – in the areas of market reach, customer acquisition and service delivery standards. Helps establish and maintain executive level engagement to ensure customer value at each flex-point in the value chain.
  • Outlines a framework for ethical practices to work in synergy with our business philosophy and domain profile. Creates employee-centric events that enable an inspired sharing of the company’s core values relating to trust, professional integrity and fair practices.
  • Evaluates internal procedures and processes for hiring, training and nurturing a qualified and competent work force and a result-oriented culture. Helps advance the mission of growth with planned capacity expansion and infusion of personnel.
  • Actively safeguards the company’s reputation in the industry – known for positive corporate governance, ethical practices, and compliance in the areas of financial, statutory and employment related policies.
  • Plays an industry interfacing role in helping define a regulatory framework for the security sector. Helps government bodies understand the needs and constraints of an industry that needs adequate support at a policy level.
  • * Plays an active role in seminars, conventions and other speaking opportunities in the industry and information sharing forums. Brings in many years of experience, to serve as an industry spokesperson for media interviews and public comment.

Profile Overview

Sqn Ldr Janardanan currently serves as the Managing Director and also heads the finance portfolio at Private Eye. He oversees the planning, defining and implementation of best practices in accounting procedures and industry level compliances.

Among his key focus areas is the alignment of financial management processes and systems to reflect accuracy and transparency. His role also extends to enabling independent teams to function as profit centers, or profit support centers as the case may be – while ensuring ethical norms and practices.

He is the bridge between management and finance – leveraging the best use of internal resources, legacy investments and assets. And working towards optimal financial viability and salience. The responsibility here also covers working in partnership with internal and external audit teams and overseeing the company’s financial calendar with respect to financial health assessments, status milestones and fund flow access.

Sqn Ldr Janardanan invites you to network with him on Twitter.

Quality Of Work Force

Quality Of Work Force

At Private Eye, we think that the quality of your work force determines the quality of efficiency at a customer location. And this is reflective right from handling routine tasks, to dealing with unforeseen events, or eventualities. At the end of the day, our inputs are about streamlining the security response, with benefits in time management, process control and task completion. For us at Private Eye, each new day offers an opportunity to learn – helping us improve workflow and customize inputs on future responses.

Among the skill sets our people are trained in and exposed to, is the ability to interact with front office automated and computer based systems for access control and people management. We also have a finishing school session for our trainees, to sensitize them in correct manner of interaction and behavior when it comes to dealing with people at different levels and backgrounds.

Salient customer support features

  • Helping clients plan and commission multiple layers of security for regular work environments and highly classified work spaces such as scientific and research labs.

  • Assisting internal teams and process associates to offer support that is relevant to individual business verticals of clients.

  • Constantly reviewing and benchmarking roles and responsibilities to offer higher levels of reliability and performance.

  • Strengthen collaborations with teams at client locations and the control rooms at our key offices – this is towards achieving synergies and value contributions.

  • Working with remote teams to check on work status and on-the-job reviews, towards obtaining feedback that can be passed on to customers.