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At Private Eye, our doors are always open to people who can identify with our mission, our goals, and our commitment to the job at hand – both from the perspective of the client, and creating standards for the industry. We treat our people well and we look after them with responsibility and care, but there’s a lot that goes along with the way we treat people and what we expect in return.

To start with, we expect nothing short of 100% in terms of dedication, commitment and professional integrity – three inputs that will in turn make you a well-rounded professional. And that’s a nice place to be, to give you an extra layer of confidence

We offer long-term career and growth opportunities at our offices South India. The levels of engagement are listed below for job positions that are always OPEN. However, there could be upcoming positions in other departments, at different levels. Please watch this space for openings that will be posted from time to time.


What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

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