Our domain experience in recruitment and staffing helps us validate the right hiring processes keeping a client’s security needs in mind. Our planning process covers forecasting to ensure the right people strengths and team efficiency. We also look at the bigger picture in terms of client needs in the specified operation area and vertical.


In addition to planning inputs, security teams need to blend seamlessly with a client’s internal systems to ensure smooth progression. Security teams need to be conversant with the data and process needs of security processes, procedures and protocols. You also need a robust field management system plugged into a logistics network to support optimal efficiencies through trained manpower.

You also need preemptive routines to check and ensure fail-safe processes work towards ensuring safe and threat-free installations and work environments.


All processes need to be aligned to the needs of individual client verticals and their related industries – this also means adapting and changing support strategies according to growing needs. At the end of the day, what you need to achieve targeted levels of efficiency in your systems and processes. And that is in itself a reliable resource to draw from.


Any external source of expertise and support function input does come under the scanner in terms of cost validation and viability. And that is understandable because each cost center at a client location is looking to rationalize cost and investment portfolios. That’s where some of our audit expertise comes in, to ensure that only the right amount of manpower resource is allocated to your security needs. No more, no less.

Cost control also means minimizing and even achieving zero levels in terms of hidden losses in some of the mysterious ways it can happen inside a company – hidden losses that depend on security teams to track, detect and prevent from happening. This in itself can lead to major savings in terms of preventable losses.

Our value added services cover the following areas:

  • Detailed evaluation and audit of client needs and security briefings

  • Detailed plans to configure the right security teams in terms of size and efficiency

  • Detailed plans to ensure that the same level of people caliber is maintained at all times

  • Responsive processes in place to address unforeseen events and emergency situations

  • Regular and periodic reviews of team performance at client locations