What adds an additional level of reassurance is experience in security routines and work processes across a wide range of industry domains, to meet a customer’s needs and security briefings. In terms of efficiency and reliability, Private Eye is known in the industry for high professional standards, ethical procedures and demonstrated compliance practices. The company has been consistently rated by its clients for meeting or exceeding performance criteria laid down by individual departments and teams.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

NSDC Certification

Our training programs are accredited with the National Skill Development Council and have their seal of approval. After the successful completion of training at our academy, successful guards are awarded a qualifying certificate from a government body.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

ISO Certification

Over the years, we have created a strong resource to take care of critical security issues – ensuring reliable security interventions at all times. And we “walk the talk” when it comes to customer assurance – what we say, we do, and what we do is well documented (and open to inspection.) That’s how we build trust with our clients.

Being ISO 9001 certified means that we meet the qualifiers under 9001 – defined under the Quality Management System. We have currently upgraded to ISO 9001:2015, which is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

Industry Level Compliance

We follow due diligence procedures with respect to compliance. And this holds good to key procedural compliances under Employee Service Scheme, Professional Tax, Income Tax and Labor Laws.

Private Eye has ensured a clean record in the management and running of the business. We meet all prescribed statutory requirements and take pride in saying that we have not been blacklisted or investigated over the last 30 years, for non-compliance.

Private Eye Private Limited – Leading security service provider

PSARA Licensing

PSARA guidelines have come into place to administer the functioning of private security agencies – more importantly to ensure that they operate within a legal framework and are accountable to a regulatory mechanism.

We are fully licensed professionals, under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act of 2005 (PSARA).  At our sister concern, NSTA, we offer training as per PSARA syllabus (section 05 of the rules.) We are also aligned to guidelines under National Occupation Standards (NOS).