As we turn 30, we look back at our inauguration day – a day that is so distinctly clear in our minds. We take this opportunity to share a story from our newsletter archives.

“Bangalore’s newest security agency was inaugurated on January 8, 1989 by Mr KCK Raja, IPS, retired Director General of Police, Karnataka.

In a pre-inaugural chat, Mr Raja illustrated the crucial role played by security agencies in the city, and how they could join forces with the police department in several critical areas. He also outlined the fact that the security agency could operate under certain profiles that were beyond the scope of the police department. Thus bridging an important gap between security surveillance and the operations of the police force.

His advice to THE PRIVATE EYE was to ensure sincerity of purpose – with a deep-rooted commitment to service – without drawing parallels on commercial interests.

Speaking on behalf of THE PRIVATE EYE, Sqn. Ldr. Janardanan fully endorsed the concern for sincerity of purpose and the dedication to service. He also outlined the strict code of conduct the organization had prescribed for itself – well within legal operating guidelines.”

Well, that’s a long, long time ago and we live up to the ideals and commitments we started with, every single day. It’s the secret sauce that has helped us cross key milestones of growth over the last three decades.

“Personally, for me this journey over the last 30 years has been a very enlightening experience – I have learnt so much over these years. As a security professional, as an entrepreneur, and as a people manager, in a business that is so much to do with people.

According to me the right people for the job, don’t walk in through the door – they have to be oriented, trained, upskilled, and sensitized to the needs of modern day work environments. And that is what Private Eye is all about.”

Poduvath Ravindranath, Director.